Luke is an MFA candidate at the University of Montana, where he also earned his BA in creative writing. His heart belongs in equal parts to Carly Rae Jepsen and his Saint Bernard, Chester. His work has appeared in Popshot, Firewords, Barren Magazine, and others. He also helps out with the publications Unstamatic, CutBank, and Visual Verse.

Published Works

Patron Saint of Letting Her Down Easy (CNF) - Atticus Review (Forthcoming 2021)

Pest Control (CNF) - Atticus Review (Forthcoming 2021)

World's Booziest Rum Balls (Fiction) - Funicular Magazine (Forthcoming 2021)

Fat Bear Week (Fiction) - Funicular Magazine (Forthcoming 2021)

What She Can't Want Might Kill Her (Poetry) - Olney Magazine (Forthcoming 2021)

Summer of Pokemon Go (Poetry/CNF) - HAD (2021)

Ruby's Like a Lake (Fiction) - perhappened magazine (2020)

Something About Station Wagons (Microchap) - Ghost City Press (2019)

A Confused Timeline for Scott Hutchison, Prophet (Nonfiction) - Memoir Mixtapes (2019)

Home, Once (Poetry) - Barren Magazine (2019)

A Small Caravan (Poetry) - The Hellebore (2019)

An Accident on a Country Road (Fiction) - Firewords Quarterly (2017)

Obsoletion (Fiction) - Popshot Quarterly (2018)

What He's Doing

Lead Editor at Unstamatic

Print Editor at CutBank

Editorial Assistant at Visual Verse

MFA Candidate at the University of Montana

Where to Find Him